Cadeau anniversaire, Montage photo musique, Film Saliva pornography involves salivation and saliva. Japanese rope bondage is distinguished by its use of specific katas and aesthetic rules. Fisting involves the insertion of one partner entire hand into a vagina or the anal cavity. English adopts and uses hentai as a genre of pornography by the commercial sale and marketing of explicit works under this label. Shemale is a term primarily used in sex work to describe a trans woman with male genitalia combined milf movies with female secondary sex characteristics, usually including augmented female breasts, from breast augmentation and/or use of hormones. Consent is the most important criterion here. The sub-genres usually conform to certain conventions, and each may appeal to a particular audience. Boot fetishism is a sexual fetish dedicated to boots. A variant of A2M is ATOM where a performer inserts his penis directly from one recipient anus into a second recipient mouth. In many cases, that person is also aroused by smelling body parts that have a urine scent. See Gay-for-pay. These scenes may either have the cameraman directly engaging in sex or merely filming others having sex. Tentacle rape or shokushu goukan is found in some horror or hentai titles, with tentacled creatures having sexual intercourse with female characters. This is commonly called double anal or double stuffing. The current record is held by Lisa Sparks who had sex with 919 men on October 16, 2004 in Warsaw, Poland as part of the Third Annual World Gangbang Championship and Eroticon 2004. Targets the male audience, but is much less popular than Yaoi. Facial cum shots are currently regularly portrayed in pornographic films and videos, often as a way to close a scene. Rough sex pornography is similar to pornography featuring sadomasochism, and typically features a Top who humiliates and/or degrades a Bottom while being physically violent towards them. Transsexual people Transman pornography features performers who were born female and who medically transitioned to male. mariage

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